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Institut d'Estudis Catalans





The legacy of Mercè Rodoreda at the Institut d'Estudis Catalans

On 22 September 1975, before a solicitor, Mercè Rodoreda i Gurguí donated her intellectual property to the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (IEC). As holder of these rights, on 25 March 1992 the IEC created the Mercè Rodoreda Foundation. The role of the Foundaton is to protect these rights, safeguard the documents from the author's personal archive and create a complementary library.

Hence, the Mercè Rodoreda Foundation has at its disposal the personal archive of the author and a complementaty library, both located at the headquarters of the Foundation. The catalogue is available in a database that can be searched using the following fields: classification, sub-fonds, author/recipient, title, date, location, subject and free search. When you process the search you will obtain a list with the catalogue details of each of the documents in the archive.

You Will find accessible on line a selection of documents of fons Mercè Rodoreda.