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France and Geneva

A long and difficult exile in France and Switzerland

Reproduction of the text: Carme Arnau. Mercè Rodoreda: un viatge entre paraules i flors (Mercè Rodoreda: a Journey through Words and Flowers). Girona; Foundation Caixa de Girona, 1999. P. 7-16.

«I was coming out of one of those trips to the end of the night, where writing seems like a horribly frivolous occupation: the flight from Paris, on foot, with incredible sights: the burning of Orleans, the shelling of the port of Beaugency, with cartloads of the dead... two years in Limoges dying every day, like that day, two years in Bordeaux, living there...»

Interview with Baltasar Porcel: "Mercè Rodoreda or the Lyrical Force," Serra d'Or (March, 1966).

France and Geneva

In France, she lived in Toulouse and Paris, but when the Germans arrived, she had to flee on foot, facing horrifying sights, particularly the burning of Orleans; fire, in fact, would become another symbol of her work, used to signal destruction, brought about by war, but also the purification that characterises this first material, material that would become progressively important in her work. [...]