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A Happy Childhood

Reproduction of the text: Carme Arnau. Mercè Rodoreda: un viatge entre paraules i flors (Mercè Rodoreda: a Journey through Words and Flowers). Girona; Foundation Caixa de Girona, 1999. P. 7-16.

«I remember the feeling of being at home and, leaning over the rail on the roof terrace, I would see the blue jacaranda flowers falling on the lawn and the hydrangeas. I'll never be able to explain it; I've never felt as at home as when I lived in my grandfather's house with my parents»

Mercè Rodoreda «Images from Childhood»


In the 1974 prologue of Mirall trencat (Broken Mirror), Mercè Rodoreda wrote: "Linked to flowers, without flowers for years, I felt the need to talk about flowers, and to make my main character a gardener." And the thing is that, as this character says, “a gardener is different from other people, and this comes from dealing with flowers.” The author is referring to the fact that the first novel that she finished, after her long exile, was precisely, Jardí vora el mar (Garden by the Sea), whose main character is an old gardener, a story mainly set in a splendid garden, where all sorts of flowers proliferate, some normal ones and others exotic, which the author shows that she knows well. And like so many things about Mercè Rodoreda, this “link” comes from her childhood. [...]