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Romanyà de la Selva

A progressive return beginning in the 1970's: Romanyà de la Selva

Reproduction of the text: Carme Arnau. Mercè Rodoreda: un viatge entre paraules i flors (Mercè Rodoreda: a Journey through Words and Flowers). Girona; Foundation Caixa de Girona, 1999. P. 7-16.

«The town is sensational. The houses are relatively spread out, located at the top of a light mountain from which you can turn your eyes either to the sea or to the white crest of the Pyrenees»

Romanyà de la Selva

Mercè Rodoreda. "Journey to the Village of Fear," from the collection Viatges i flors (Travels and Flowers).

In fact, her return to Catalonia was not made to Barcelona, a bilingual, noisy city that she no longer liked, without greenery and especially without gardens, but rather to this quiet little village in the Gavarres, which is located at the top of a permanently green mountain, where she built a house with a garden in a secluded spot at the end of the 1970's. [...]