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Awards and grants

Actual edition

The Foundation gives an award annually for the best research project on Mercč Rodoreda’s work or on the novel and short story from the fall of Primo de Rivera until end of Franco’s regime (1930-1975). The Foundation also announces grants for research that are awarded annually.They are granted by the Technical Commission.

Sant Jordi Awards 2016 at the Institute of Catalan Studies Mercè Rodoreda Foundation Prize has been awarded to Josep M. Domènech I Gibert Nous mètodes per a la comparació de textos. El cas d'"Aloma" de Mercè Rodoreda.

The Technical Committee of the Foundation Rodoreda has awarded two grants for the development of research to:

Eva Comas Arnal
Els somnis en la narrativa de Mercè Rodoreda

Francesc Galera Porta
Avel·lí Artís-Generl, traducciķ i alteritat. Em com i el perquè de la praxi traductora del Tísner

For more information, consult the winners of previous sessions.