The legacy of Mercè Rodoreda at the Institut d'Estudis Catalans

On 22 September 1975, before a solicitor, Mercè Rodoreda i Gurguí donated her intellectual property to the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (IEC). As holder of these rights, on 25 March 1992 the IEC created the Mercè Rodoreda Foundation. The role of the Foundaton is to protect these rights, safeguard the documents from the author's personal archive and create a complementary library.

Hence, the Mercè Rodoreda Foundation has at its disposal the personal archive of the author and a complementaty library, both located at the headquarters of the Foundation. The catalogue is available in a database that can be searched using the following fields: classification, sub-fonds, author/recipient, title, date, location, subject and free search. When you process the search you will obtain a list with the catalogue details of each of the documents in the archive.

You Will find accessible on line a selection of documents of Mercè Rodoreda funds.

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Reference: Personal funds - AMR.

Title: Mercè Rodoreda Archive.

Dates: 1909-1983.

Size: 4507 items of personal documentation; 2877 sheets, 467 colour and black-and-white photographs, 17 negatives, 8 slides, 14 sheets of graphic documents, 648 items of press documentation on her literary works; 85 items of works by other people; various publications and translations of her works; various sheets and publications about her plastic works; 22 paintings. The paper and photographic documentation occupies a total of 15 boxes.

Support: Paper, photographic material, audiovisual material, paintings, graphic material.


See the biographical section on Mercè Rodoreda in «Biography».

Contents and structure

Reach (geographical and chronological): 1909-1983, Barcelona, París, Bordeaux, France, Girona.

Contents (type, material, etc.): Correspondence, official and unofficial documents, personal documents, photographs, written documents, audiovisual documents, graphic documents, press, publications, drawings and paintings referring to her life, literary works, and visual works.

Information on evaluation, selection, and elimination: Personal sources. Nothing can be eliminated. Closed.

Transfers (if the source is alive): Closed (exceptionally, documents are included in the correspondence section, coming from donations or reproductions).

Organisational system: See the classification table in the Inventory section of the Mercè Rodoreda Archive.

Conditions for access and use

Conditions for access: Written request, along with a letter of reference from a member of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans, or a member of international scientific academies, or a university professor. Respect must be shown to prevailing legislation regarding copyright laws.

Conditions for copying: According to prevailing legislation on copyright law.

Language of the documents: Catalan.

Physical characteristics, technical requirements: The majority of the documentation is well preserved, the exceptions are small tears or slight oxidation, which have been detected and treated appropriately. Also, for future preservation, the collection is being completely digitalised.

Instruments for description::

Documents of the archive: Inventory of the Mercè Rodoreda Archive (See the description in the «Inventory» section).

Pictorial works: Inventory (See the description in the «Pictorial works» section).

    Quadre de classificació

  1. Childhood and adolescence
  2. Personal and family documents
  3. Diaries and agendas
  4. Administration
  5. Correspondence
    • Correspondència enviada
    • Correspondència rebuda
    • Correspondència entre altres persones
    • Correspondència de gestions i relació social
  6. Written documents
  7. Audiovisual documents
  8. Graphic documents
  9. Press
  10. Works by others authors
  11. Documents d’altres procedències
  12. Dibuixos i pintures