These routes make you acquainted with the places where Mercè Rodoreda lived as well as with the settings of some of her best-known novels: Aloma, La plaça del Diamant [The Time of the Doves], El carrer de les Camèlies [Camellia Street] and Mirall trencat [A Broken Mirror].

Mercè Rodoreda’s Barcelona

In the aim of spreading the knowledge of the author’s figure and work, the Mercè Rodoreda Foundation gives you the chance to prepare your own route through the city of Barcelona on the basis of Rodoreda texts (selected by Marta Nadal) and maps which are available at this link. (pdf format)

Mercè Rodoreda Garden

The headquarters building of the Institute of Catalan Studies and of the Mercè Rodoreda Foundation is the Casa de Convalescència, which possesses one of the few hanging gardens in the city of Barcelona, called the Mercè Rodoreda Garden in 1988 in remembrance of the author. This garden features a sampling of the flowers and plants mentioned in her works. It is signposted with plaques stating the name of each plant in Catalan and its scientific name as catalogued by Josep Vigo, and a fragment from the work of Mercè Rodoreda, selected by Mariàngela Vilallonga, in which the plant is mentioned.

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Institut d’Estudis Catalans
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Mercè Rodoreda and Barcelona

Three literary routes that present the places where Mercè Rodoreda lived and the settings of some of her best-known novels such as Aloma, La plaça del Diamant [The Time of the Doves], El carrer de les Camèlies [Camellia Street] and Mirall trencat [A Broken Mirror].

Selection of texts by: Marta Nadal, Llorenç Soldevila and Cèlia Nadal

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Route I:

Sant Gervasi and the golden gardens of childhood.

  1. Can Brusi Garden
  2. Family home
  3. Farriols House
  4. School
  5. Shop at Carrer Saragossa
  6. Valencian dressmakers’ house

Route II:

War, exile and post-war: The Time of the Doves and the testimonies to the tragedy.

  1. Nostra Senyora de Lourdes School
  2. Rambla de Prat
  3. Carrer Montseny
  4. Plaça del Diamant
  5. La Llibertat Market
  6. Carrer Gran de Gràcia
  7. Monumental Cafè
  8. Els Jardinets de Gràcia

Route III:

Decoding Rodoreda: the mark of a universal author in the heart of literary Barcelona.

  1. Mercè Rodoreda Foundation. IEC
  2. La Boqueria Market
  3. Rambla de les Flors
  4. Ateneu Barcelonès
  5. Opera House Gran Teatre del Liceu

Mercè Rodoreda lived the final years of her life at Romanyà de la Selva, where the scenery and surroundings were an inspiration for some of her last works: Mirall trencat [A Broken Mirror], Viatges i flors, and Quanta, quanta Guerra… [War, So Much War...] The Santa Cristina d’Aro Town Council and Les Gavarres Consortium present several different routes.

Routes and itineraries at Romanyà de la Selva.

See informative brochure.

Rodoreda-Romanyà Literary Itinerary

A literary itinerary covering a dozen places and settings in the town of Romanyà de la Selva.

See informative brochure.

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Ajuntament de Santa Cristina d’Aro
Oficina de Turisme
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Les Gavarres Consortium

Rodoreda-Romanyà Literary Route – Educational activities

Various educational activities for schoolchildren and adults on the Mercè Rodoreda literary route at Romanyà de la Selva.

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C/ Antoni Llopis, 6
Tel. 972.903.822