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4.- The IEC and the FMR reserve the right to update the contents of these websites when want, and also to delete them and to limit or prevent the access, of way storm or definite.

5.- The IEC and the FMR do not force to control the informations and the opinions that the users transmit by means of the forums opened in these websites. Are how are, the IEC and the FMR reserve the right to delete of his websites any information or opinion of the users that it was contrary to the valid lawfulness, especially when mean a violation of the rights and fundamental freedoms of the person.

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7.- The IEC and the FMR give strict fulfillment to the valid rule on Protection of Data of Personal Character. The user of the web gives his consent express and unambiguous and, therefore, authorises the IEC and the Foundation to incorporate the data that facilitates for this means to his files automated, previously communicated to the Agency of Protection of Data and that it finds to the headquarters of the IEC and of the FMR, Carme's street, 47. The manager of the file is the IEC. The use of the personal data will have confidential character and will use for can loan the services of the IEC and of the FMR and do arrive information of the activities of the IEC and of the FMR.

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