In these pages will find information of the Foundation Mercè Rodoreda, entity that was constituted by the Institute of Catalan Studies, heir of the intellectual property of the author, for agreement of the Full of the day September 16, 1991.

The information of the web is divided in two sections well differentiated: of a band information on the author and of the other on the Foundation.

In the author's section will be able to find information on: the biography, the chronology, the work, the translations and a gallery of images. And in the Foundation's section will be able to find information on: the board of trustees, the space, the library, the file, the publications, the prizes and the aids and the activities of the Foundation.

We invite you to do a walk for our pages all wishing that this virtual visit allow you know the figure of Mercè Rodoreda and the foundation that brings his name.

The Foundation has the mission of caring for the figure and the work of the writer Mercè Rodoreda, of managing the author’s intellectual heritage, and of promoting and disseminating the studies on the author and her work.

To accomplish this mission, the Foundation carries out the activities which its Board of Trustees considers necessary, directly or in collaboration with other entities, institutions or persons, in compliance with the provisions of the regulations on foundations. Specifically, the Foundation carries out activities which include but are not limited to the following:

a) It awards the Mercè Rodoreda Foundation Prizes for research studies on 20th century Catalan narrative. Each prize is duly announced so that anyone of any nationality who wishes to do so may enter the competition.

b) Applying the same rules as for the prizes, the Foundation also awards grants of all types for studies and papers relating to 20th century Catalan narrative and especially to the study and dissemination of the work of Mercè Rodoreda.

c) It attends to the formation of a library containing the complete works of Mercè Rodoreda and their translations, and to the acquisition of all types of material connected with the author for the Mercè Rodoreda archive and library.

d) It safeguards the documents of Mercè Rodoreda i Gurguí which belong to the Foundation and others which are entrusted to it for safekeeping.

e) It organises activities addressed to spreading the knowledge of the author’s work and of Catalan literature in general.

The foundation is made up of a Board of Trustees, with the following posts and members:

President: Teresa Cabré i Castellví (President of IEC)

Vice Presidents: Maria Corominas i Piulats and Marta Prevostii Monclús (Vice Presidents of IEC)

Secretary: Àngel Messeguer i Peypoch (General Secretary of IEC)

Members by Virtue of Office: Ramon Pinyol i Torrents, Pere Puigdomènech i Rosell, Alícia Casals i Gelpí, Nicolau Dols, Jaume Guillamet Lloveras (Presidents of the sections of IEC)

Elected Members: Montserrat Bacardí i Tomàs, Joaquim Mallafrè i Gavaldà i Damià Pons i Pons

Technical Commission:
  • Montserrat Bacardí i Tomàs
  • Joaquim Mallafrè i Gavaldà
  • Damià Pons i Pons

The headquarters of the Mercè Rodoreda Foundation is the headquarters of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans, located at carrer del Carme, 47, 08001 in Barcelona. In this building, there is space dedicated to the archive and the library, the secretary’s office, and the Mercè Rodoreda Garden, named after the writer.

There is also the Mercè Rodoreda Garden, which contains a sample of the flowers and plants cited in their works. Guided tours and more information on reservations.